Dairy Cattle

Hess Mills carries a full line of Purina products for dairy cattle.  Come by Hess Mills to find quality dairy cattle feeds for your herd.




Dairy Cattle – Replacers
Cornerstone 28:20
Cornerstone 22:20
Cornerstone Cold Front
Cornerstone Warm Front
Cornerstone Jersey Recipe
Maxi Balance Plus
Nurse Chow 100
Nurse Chow 200
Hi Energy Nurse Chows
Hi Energy Nurse Gros

Dairy Cattle – Start/Gro
Cornerstone Startena Cold Front
Cornerstone Startena Warm Front
Cornerstone Calf Startenas
Calf Startena
Calf Startena Concentrate
Cornerstone Growena Cold Front
Cornerstone Growena Warm Front
Calf Growena
Calf Growena Concentrate
Calf Growena BIR
Commercial Starter Grower

Dairy Cattle – Heifers
Cornerstone Transit
Cornerstone Complete
Cornerstone MIP
Cornerstone Concentrate
Cornerstone LIX TMR
Cornerstone Heifer Mineral

Dairy Cattle – Dry Cow
Prepare Complete
Prepare Concentrate

Dairy Cattle  – Transition
Prep Plus Complete
Prep Plus Concentrate
Pre-Fresh Start Complete 18%
Pre-Fresh Start Concentrate 36%
Pre-Fresh Start Complete 18% DCAD
Pre-Fresh Start Concentrate 36% DCAD
FreshStart EXT Complete
FreshStart EXT Grain Stretcher
FreshStart EXT Concentrate 36%
FreshStart Mega EXT 20%

Dairy Cattle – Lactating
All use Purina technologies — EXT Nugget, Propel, MetaPro

Hess Mills
Custom Dairy Lactation Feeds